Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hanging out with Saul

Had a great week I took 2nd at DMV I stayed with the B's the whole time! At school in my math class I got a 42 out of 44 on one paper I totally rocked it! I had a great baseball game on Tuesday I had 3 hits and I walked. I scored 4 runs we beat the other team 16 to 1. One bad thing that happened on Thursday was that I jammed my finger in P.E. playing flag foot ball. But that night I had another great baseball game I didn't get a hit but I threw a kid out at second! On the weekend I had a bike race called East Canyon. I had a great race I stayed with the group the whole time until the last climb! That night me and my friends hung out and ate star bursts! On Sunday one of my best Friends Saul Raisin had Sunday dinner with us. You Rock Saul!!!!!!!!!!

Still Good Looking

Hey ladies im available!