Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy crap it has been so long since I have written in my blog. Well I'll tell you every thing that's happened since June. On June 14, my birthday I had a bike race it was the state championships for the cat 4's I took 5th. The next day I left for Flagstaff, Arizona for a USA Cycling Camp. I had alot of fun it was a week long I learned alot. The next weekend I raced up in Pocatelo, Idaho the race was called Gate City Grind. I took 4th in the road race and 15th in the time trial and in the crit I crashed really hard but I got back up and finished the race. Overall I finished 13th. In July the next race I did was the Porcupine Hill Climb. The race was 14.7 miles long it was a fun race. I finished 12th it was hard but fun. The next weekend was the Sundance Hill Climb the beginning was hard put then it got a little easier. In that race I finished 13th the view was amazing at the top. Also that week I got a new bike except its not a road bike its a cyclo cross bike. It has mountain bike tires on it so you can ride off rode. That next weekend was the Chalk Creek Road race. It was a 50 mile road race the first 25 miles was all up hill and then you would turn around once you reached the turn around and then it was all down hill. At the end about 1k to go there's a ninety degree turn. In that race I finished 18th. I can"t wait to go to Nationals in two weeks. Nationals this year are in Orange county, California right next to Disney Land.