Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valley of the Sun

Hey whats up just got back from Arizona I was down there at a bike race called Valley of the Sun. Had a great race toke 5th in the time trial with a minute away from the leader. On the rode race I toke fourth it was fun some kid broke away on the first lap some kid on SCVelo he gained 5 minutes on the peloton. But the peloton didn't have to worry he was 42 in the time trial with 8 minutes to gain back. So no worries. It was hard because I had to cover every move because I was the only kid that didn't have a team mate. On the second lap we were able to drop the leader on the climb so everyone was able to gain time. The crit was awesome it was a fun course it had a slight climb in it. Again it was a hard race because again the attacks gept comin I thought I was going to get drooped. it was tuff. On the last lap a kid from major motion broke away and then a kid from SCVelo broke away after him. Then I went after him. And the SCVelo kid and I worked together and was able to catch the kid from major motion. I toke 3rd in the crit and so I got a time bounce of 10 seconds. and gained 10 seconds on the peloton. So with my time bounces and the gap time I was able to move up to 2nd and that's what I toke over all. My next race will be tour de soul in Saint George.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey I havent writen in my blog for a long time since october so heres whats happened. In Dec I went to phenox to Barneys to train for a couple of days and came back and when I got back I had about 2 weeks before I went to training camp in St george. Had a ton of fun we rode around 400 miles. When I got back from trainning camp I again had about 3 weeks util I had to leave for Arizona again to go to Valley of the Sun. I went to this race last year and took 2nd over all this year Im hopeing to go down and win. I leave next week for Valley of the Sun. For christmas I got a Orbea TT bike its awsome can't wait to ride it at Valley of the Sun. At of the end of the season last year I moved up to a cat 3 from a cat 4. So this year Ill be raceing as a cat 3. Im really excited because the race's will be longer and there will be more experenced riders. here are some cool pictures of training camp.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well right now im doning cycle cross alot I've been doing really good latley I took 1st in the Jrs and 7th in the Cat 4s on Saturday. And on Saturday I took 1st in the Jrs and 2nd in the Cat 4s. The race on Saturday was at a motorcross track. It was alot of fun I crashed a ton but it was fun. I made the Honor rollI got a 3.7 for my first term.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey I'm back in school. Let me tell you how nationals went I took 4 in the crit out of 60 people and 13 in the time trial then I crashed in the road race. So that's how nationals went. When we got back school started right away. So far in school I'm doing pretty good. The other day I had my first cycle cross race I took 1st in the Jr's I did the Jr's because its my first year in cycle cross. And some more good news is that my brother had twins and he was excepted into the FBI. In a couple of days me and my parents leave for Cancun Mexico. So I'm pretty exited to go on vacation. Also when I was at nationals I used this Kool in Fit stuff that worked great its amazing it works so good here's the website if you want to try it so give it a try I swearer its amazing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy crap it has been so long since I have written in my blog. Well I'll tell you every thing that's happened since June. On June 14, my birthday I had a bike race it was the state championships for the cat 4's I took 5th. The next day I left for Flagstaff, Arizona for a USA Cycling Camp. I had alot of fun it was a week long I learned alot. The next weekend I raced up in Pocatelo, Idaho the race was called Gate City Grind. I took 4th in the road race and 15th in the time trial and in the crit I crashed really hard but I got back up and finished the race. Overall I finished 13th. In July the next race I did was the Porcupine Hill Climb. The race was 14.7 miles long it was a fun race. I finished 12th it was hard but fun. The next weekend was the Sundance Hill Climb the beginning was hard put then it got a little easier. In that race I finished 13th the view was amazing at the top. Also that week I got a new bike except its not a road bike its a cyclo cross bike. It has mountain bike tires on it so you can ride off rode. That next weekend was the Chalk Creek Road race. It was a 50 mile road race the first 25 miles was all up hill and then you would turn around once you reached the turn around and then it was all down hill. At the end about 1k to go there's a ninety degree turn. In that race I finished 18th. I can"t wait to go to Nationals in two weeks. Nationals this year are in Orange county, California right next to Disney Land.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Bike

Hey this week has been amazing on Monday I went on a two hour ride had a lot of fun. On Tuesday I went and rode the Alpine loop so it ended up to be a three hour ride. It was a lot of fun because my dad rode with me. On Wednesday it rained so I didn't go riding but it was fine. On Thursday I only had to ride an hour so ya. It was really windy. On Friday oh it was one of the most amazing days of my life I got a new bike. Its the Orca Orbea It is so cool the color is black and white and it has Dura Ace components on it. And then tomorrow is the Sugar house Crit. I did 4s and Jr's I took 1st in the Jrs and 15 in the fours. On Sunday I went and rode with my team we rode up to Hill Air force base. So I got in 55 miles.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey what's up its been a while sense I have written in my blog. Last Tuesday I had RMR it was in the oval. I took 3rd it was a fast finish. On Wednesday it was activity day at school but I didn't go. On Thursday I had a baseball game we played the Yankees, we won. On Friday I had another baseball game it was against the Braves we lost 11 to 1 I had a good night I got 3 hits and got out twice. On Saturday I had a bike race it was the State TT I only had to ride 10k. It was my fastest 10K I have ever riden. My time was 16:51 after my race me and my dad rode home. And that's about it keep it fresh talk later. What can I say the ladies dig Saved Legs.