Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey I'm back in school. Let me tell you how nationals went I took 4 in the crit out of 60 people and 13 in the time trial then I crashed in the road race. So that's how nationals went. When we got back school started right away. So far in school I'm doing pretty good. The other day I had my first cycle cross race I took 1st in the Jr's I did the Jr's because its my first year in cycle cross. And some more good news is that my brother had twins and he was excepted into the FBI. In a couple of days me and my parents leave for Cancun Mexico. So I'm pretty exited to go on vacation. Also when I was at nationals I used this Kool in Fit stuff that worked great its amazing it works so good here's the website if you want to try it so give it a try I swearer its amazing.