Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great race Great ride.

Hey just going to tell you how my race went on Saturday. I took ninth out of 61 people I rode in the cat 4s. The race was up by Bear lake the race went around the lake. Me and my mom watched the Office on the way up. When we got back I went down to Todd's because his brother was throwing a party, and you Know me I'm the party animal. On Sunday me and my dad went and rode American fork canyon. It was fun but we were only able to make it to the snow line. And that's it talk to you latter

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tough sprint up Tough hill

Hey whats up just finished my time trial today and was just going to tell you how my week has gone so far. On Tuesday I had my baseball game we played the A's we won 11 to 0. I caught the hole game. I hit really good I hit one clear out to right field that bounced right off the fence. On Wednesday I raced at DMV it was hard I wasn't able to make the break but I was able to stay with the group. On the last lap me and two other riders took of and were able to hold it I took second in my category. It was so close I beat this other guy by inches. On Thursday which is today was the TT it was really hard the wind was blowing like crazy my time was 18:22. Tomorrow me and my parents will drive up to Bear lake. On Saturday I'll wake up and have a 52 mile road race around Bear lake.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Killer Strikes Again!

Hey had a great week this week and a great baseball game on Tuesday but you can read that in my last blog. On Wednesday I wasn't able to go to DMV because it rained so I had to ride my rollers in the garage. On Thursday I had a great ride with my dad we had a lot of fun! Friday I went out and rode Thanksgiving Point bike trail it was way fun I got my hart rate up to 251. Saturday was the State Championships Crits, I took 1st in my category and 11th in the Cat 4. Sunday was fun we went up to Salt Lake for Mothers Day. We ate at Market Street Grill it was good. After that me and my dad rode home from my brothers house. It was really really hard, the wind was blowing against us plus I was so tired my two races and because we just ate I started to get cramps. When we got home me and my dad went up and hit baseball at the Jr high. It was fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go Rangers

Hey whats up I had a awesome baseball game on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday I hit a hard grounder that bounced and went over the second base mans head. Then also that night I hit really deep to right field that almost went over! Dang. Then on Thursday night I pitched the hole game except the last inning. Also in that game I got 3 hits so I was 3 for4. we won both games by a lot.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't worry I'm single

Hey whats up just saying what went down last week. Well On Tuesday I had a bike race at RMR at first I thought that we weren't going to have it because it was raining but we did and I rocked it. I was in a break away on the last lap and was able to grab 3rd. Then after that I had a baseball game. Holy crap I was tired, right when I got there they put me in to pitch. I was exhausted! On Wednesday it was raining really hard so I didn't have DMV. But I needed help on math so I went up to my brothers house and had Kelli help me. You Rock Kelli! On Thursday I had a baseball game I did awesome got on base twice and scored twice. Friday me and my friends hung out and played night games at the Jr high it was sweet Todd and I hid up in a tree and it took them for ever to find us it was so funny. Saturday was the best day of the week I had a race in Ogden and took 6th I rock! Then that night me and my friends hung out and played night games and I got a new church suit.