Friday, June 6, 2008

New Bike

Hey this week has been amazing on Monday I went on a two hour ride had a lot of fun. On Tuesday I went and rode the Alpine loop so it ended up to be a three hour ride. It was a lot of fun because my dad rode with me. On Wednesday it rained so I didn't go riding but it was fine. On Thursday I only had to ride an hour so ya. It was really windy. On Friday oh it was one of the most amazing days of my life I got a new bike. Its the Orca Orbea It is so cool the color is black and white and it has Dura Ace components on it. And then tomorrow is the Sugar house Crit. I did 4s and Jr's I took 1st in the Jrs and 15 in the fours. On Sunday I went and rode with my team we rode up to Hill Air force base. So I got in 55 miles.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey what's up its been a while sense I have written in my blog. Last Tuesday I had RMR it was in the oval. I took 3rd it was a fast finish. On Wednesday it was activity day at school but I didn't go. On Thursday I had a baseball game we played the Yankees, we won. On Friday I had another baseball game it was against the Braves we lost 11 to 1 I had a good night I got 3 hits and got out twice. On Saturday I had a bike race it was the State TT I only had to ride 10k. It was my fastest 10K I have ever riden. My time was 16:51 after my race me and my dad rode home. And that's about it keep it fresh talk later. What can I say the ladies dig Saved Legs.