Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey I havent writen in my blog for a long time since october so heres whats happened. In Dec I went to phenox to Barneys to train for a couple of days and came back and when I got back I had about 2 weeks before I went to training camp in St george. Had a ton of fun we rode around 400 miles. When I got back from trainning camp I again had about 3 weeks util I had to leave for Arizona again to go to Valley of the Sun. I went to this race last year and took 2nd over all this year Im hopeing to go down and win. I leave next week for Valley of the Sun. For christmas I got a Orbea TT bike its awsome can't wait to ride it at Valley of the Sun. At of the end of the season last year I moved up to a cat 3 from a cat 4. So this year Ill be raceing as a cat 3. Im really excited because the race's will be longer and there will be more experenced riders. here are some cool pictures of training camp.

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meg said...

Hey boo, love the sweet new pictures. So glad you finally updated. Hey thanks so much again for the birthday present. Hope to see you ride this summer. I am excited that my baby will have the coolest uncle ever!!